5 Interesting Facts about Texas


Everybody knows that everything is bigger in Texas. From the booming music scene in the Live Music Capital of the World to the rolling hills locals call the hill country, Texas is full of big, beautiful surprises. With the common usage of the word “y’all”, Texas might be one of the most inclusive places in the entire southern United States. Welcoming visitors to warm weather year-round with good ole southern hospitality, there’s no place bigger and better than the state of Texas. 

Photo: Visit Austin

A Paradise of Tacos

Well everybody knows the glory that is Tex-Mex, only the few who venture to the great state of Texas have the joy of eating tacos for nearly every meal. Ask any local and they’ll tell you their favorite taco spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some may mention Torchy’s Tacos, but beware, these aren’t the best tacos you’ll find in town. Venture to Valentina’s Tex-Mex food truck or El Chilito for something more authentic to Austin. Or visit all three. Don’t worry, there are plenty of hiking trails to work off all the tortillas you’ll consume while you’re here. 

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin, Texas, the home of Willie Nelson, boasts the most live music of any place in the world, competing only with Nashville, Tennessee. With amazing venues such as Mohawk, Barracuda, ACL Live, and many many more, there’s a live show for everyone. Every night of the week you can visit nearly any of the bar areas in Austin and find something worth listening to. Visit Dirty Sixth, East Sixth, or a brewery in South Austin and we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Good Ole Texas BBQ

Photo: Wide Open Country

It’s no denying that some of the best food in the states can be found in Texas. With multiple restaurants being featured on shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, there’s no going wrong with some good ole Texas bbq. The most infamous of BBQ can be found at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX. With an all you can eat BBQ option for just short of $25, you’ll want to wear your stretchy pants for this one. They even make their own wine and have live music on most nights.