5 Interesting Facts about Kansas


While Chicago might be famously known as the “Windy City”, Kansas actually boasts the windiest city in the United States. Dodge City, Kansas has an average wind speed that clocks in at 14 miles per hour, it is the windiest city in the entirety of the United States. Which is no surprise, given that the state is about as flat as a pancake from IHOP. Just be careful not sing the alphabet while wandering the Topeka streets at night, as it is highly illegal and you can get arrested.

White Castle Hometown

Photo: White Castle

White Castle holds the title of being the first fast-food restaurant in the world. Their original hamburger eatery opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1921. What many do not realize, is this restaurant was the start of what has become a multi-billion dollar fast food industry. White Castle actually predated McDonald’s by many years as the first food stand operated by the McDonald family did not open until 1937. White Castle was also the first fast-food restaurant to sell over a billion burgers. They passed this milestone in 1961, far in advance of their competitors. Interestingly enough, there are no White Castles currently open in the whole state.

Cave Land USA

At last count, there were a whopping 528 caves located within the state lines of Kansas. For super enthusiastic cave goers, check out Horsetheif Canyon. This canyon features views of bluffs, deep canyons cutting through beautiful grasslands, and a sparkling lake tucked in the heart of it all. For those who may be more apprehensive to small inclosed spaces, check out Table Mound Hiking Trail which features several cave-like formations, towering rock walls and boulder fields.

Sunflower Fields for Days

Photo: Mickey Shannon Photography

Looking to frolic through fields of sunflowers? Kansas might be your next destination. Kansas is known as the Sunflower State as the sunflower is the state’s official flower. Be sure to check out these flower farms on your next visit to Kansas.

  • Grinter Farms
  • Berry Hill UPick Farm
  • Eleanor’s
  • Britt’s Garden Acres
  • Kansas Maze, Inc Gaeddert Farms